Eco Houses

Eco Houses

In our modern age, being eco friendly has never been more important. These days eco-friendly house designs are high on the agenda of many developers and we are starting to see more homes taking on this approach. In the not-too-distant future, it could end up being a requirement.

So what do we mean by ‘eco-friendly’? Well for a start, walking or using a bike instead of a car is an obvious one. Also we all know buying from local stores saves on high costs to the environment through excess transportation. On top of that, recycling wasted food and turning off electrical appliances all goes a long way. Every little helps.

In terms of a house, how can a house be eco-friendly? A property is eco friendly if it is minimising its environmental impact. By using solar panels you can save on electricity. By having insulation you can keep heating costs down, and by installing double glazing you can further reduce costs on heating. These are just a few of the many easy examples of an environmentally friendly home.

Eco-friendly homes are increasing in popularity and are very important to our future. An eco-friendly home offers much more and increasing amounts of people are taking an interest into living green rather than focusing simply a house’s overall appearance.

Using recycled materials allows us to save vital resources while also ensuring that current resources can be continuously reused. Using these materials is not only great for the environment but can save money upfront during construction.

Sustainability is a key part of any home in 2017. Green homes take it a step further by not just saving money but adding value through continued sustainability. Aspects such as vegetable patches and greenhouses go further to reduce the carbon footprint of the household.

We are currently marketing a home on Carlton Road, Whalley Range which is located only two miles from the city centre. The property reduces the household’s carbon footprint by being in close proximity to various transportation methods. More interesting aspects of the home include a cinema room, four large bedrooms, a study and much more.

So what actually makes this property an eco-home?

It is the ideal home for anyone looking to take a dive into the world of environmentally friendly living.

You can learn more about this property on our website. Or if you are interested in a more in depth look into the property, you can check out our video tour.