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Once you’ve chosen to invest in property, finding the right location at the right price can be a difficult task. Whether you wish to invest in an area that is local and known to you, or want to get the most rental yield possible, it’s important to be informed about your options before making an investment decision.

What is Property investment?

Property investment, in a nutshell, is the purchase of a property with intention to either sell it or lease it with a view of gaining a return. This can be done on a small scale with an individual property, or larger with a portfolio of multiple properties.

Any type of property can be purchased for investment, such as a single apartment, house, commercial property or vacant land. These properties are not used as the primary residence of its owner and are intended to generate income. 

Why is now the time to invest? 

For years the UK property market has been seen as a target for overseas investment, and this shows no sign of slowing down. The UK was recently declared an investment hotspot by global law firm DLA Piper. Of the 500 high-net-worth investors and asset managers surveyed, 33% said they wish to invest in UK property during 2021.

Investing in Manchester

Manchester has a diverse property climate, with something to suit every potential investor. Not only is it the fastest growing housing market in the UK, the plans to build ‘The Northern Powerhouse’ have given a huge boost to the area, with dedicated focus on technology, innovation, business and importantly, property. The rapid rate of growth in the housing market in the area means excellent rental yield is on offer too. 

A well connected city, just over two hours by train to London, Manchester also has one of the largest student populations. Three major universities have their campuses in Greater Manchester, and the student population is upwards of 96,000, meaning that a lot of investors are choosing to focus solely in this demographic.

Student retention rates for post-graduates are also between 50-60% so there is a huge market for young professionals heading into the business and tech sectors  looking to rent in the area. When choosing to invest in Manchester, it’s important to note that rental yields can fluctuate, depending on location, university clusters, infrastructure and other factors. 

What can homes4u do for you?

Our team of property investment experts have over 30 years of experience of the local housing market, and can provide you with expert guidance of what makes a perfect investment opportunity in Greater Manchester, and offer you a wide range of lettings to choose from. homes4u has an unrivalled commitment to providing a professional and stress free service for both landlords and tenants, and can help you decide the best route forward for your investment. 

Not just a team of estate agents, homes4u are property specialists established across the housing markets. We are investment specialists with the flexibility, experience and skills to meet all of your property needs, from commercial property questions, residential sales and property management. Take a look at our current properties for sale

If you’re looking to start your property investment journey, or want to expand on your current portfolio get in touch with our team today. 


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