Landlord Rent Guarantee

At homes4u, we strongly recommend that all landlords should protect themselves against the failure of their tenant to pay rent or leave their property when requested to do so. In the current economic environment, rent guarantee is no longer a ‘Nice to Have’ rather it is an essential part of the landlord’s armoury.

Every diligent landlord wants to have good tenants in their property who look after and pay for, the home you have provided them with. To become a landlord in the first place you will have carefully invested time and money to ensure your property investment is a success over time. Key to this is choosing a conscientious agent who will help you to select the right tenants. We strive to ensure through our own careful due diligence combined with comprehensive third-party professional referencing, your needs are always met.

Unfortunately, in harsh economic conditions, even the best tenants can fall on hard times and unforeseen circumstances may result in unpaid rent arrears, Include rent guarantee in your managed service and get peace of mind when renting out your properties. Our rent guarantee also comes with legal expenses as standard, so you can get rent protection in the event of a tenant defaulting and any legal expenses costs you may incur, including:

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We are long-standing members of The Property Ombudsman, demonstrating our commitment to professionalism.