Let Only Tenants - Useful Information

What does ‘Let Only’ mean? Unless homes4u manages the property on behalf of the owner, we are not party to the tenancy agreement, and do not have an ongoing relationship with the tenancy. ‘Let-Only’ Landlords employ our services to find tenants, complete contract paperwork, and monies taken are paid over to them.

Moving in

Keys are obtainable from the Landlord or the Landlord’s agent. Telephone or write to the Landlord, or the Landlord’s agent in advance to arrange an appointment to pick up your keys and ascertain any security alarm number. Do not disclose this number to anyone other than members of your household. Do not just turn up without first having made specific arrangements to collect your keys in order to save any disappointments and frustrations.

Rent Payments

If you signed a standing order with your tenancy paperwork, this will be set up directly to the Landlord’s bank account. At the beginning of your tenancy, it is best to contact your bank directly to check that everything is ok with your standing order, as you need to make sure you pay your rent in full and on time. It is then worth checking each month that payment has been sent. All upfront rent payments made to homes4u for ‘Let Only’ properties are transfered to the Landlord. If you have any questions regarding your rent, please contact your Landlord directly.

Holding Deposit

With student tenancies, or where there is a gap between securing a property and actually moving in, many landlords take a Holding Deposit to secure their and your commitment to taking the property. There should be a specific Holding Deposit Agreement in place, which clearly outlines under what circumstances the deposit is refundable, or not. Ideally, the money should be held by a third party. If your tenancy is subject to a holding deposit you will find the details on pages 2 and 3 of your Tenancy Application Form. Once the tenancy commences, the holding deposit becomes a Tenancy Deposit.

Tenancy Deposits

If you paid your deposit for a ‘Let-Only’ property at a homes4u branch, these monies will be paid over to the Landlord who is responsible for protecting your deposit in line with the Tenancy Deposit Protection Legislation.

Click for more details on Tenancy Deposit Protection Legislation

What’s an Inventory?

The inventory report is a list of everything in the property and the condition of it. You need to check through the inventory and compare it to your new home as soon as you get there.

The Landlord, or the Landlord’s agent should carry out an inventory when you move in. If an inventory is not prepared, prepare it yourself, noting the condition of the decorations, furniture, floor coverings and the property itself, room by room. The members of your household must sign it and send it to the Landlord, or the Landlord’s agent for approval.

When it comes to moving out, the inventory will assist in establishing any potential difference, such as the condition of the decorations etc. at the termination of the tenancy, compared to the condition when you moved in.

What to do if you need a repair?

All repairs should be reported directly to the Landlord, or the Landlord’s agent – we would always recommend doing so in writing.

Utility Bills

After moving in, it is essential that you ensure all relevant services are connected and registered in your name, ready for use. This will involve you taking meter readings. Please do this within a day of you moving in to ensure you are billed correctly. It is your responsibility to ensure utilities are set-up, and in your name.

Please Note: Where a landlord has employed our services on a ‘Let-Only’ basis, homes4u has no ongoing responsibilities in relation to the management of the property or in respect of any of the Landlord’s obligations under the tenancy.

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