Clearing 2018: Coming to Manchester

Well done, you got the results and are coming to Manchester. We may be biased but you’ve chosen the best city! But what makes Manchester the greatest city in the UK? We have compiled a list of our top five reasons why. (We warn you, you may not want to leave!)

The Nightlife

From traditional pubs to busy nightclubs, Manchester has it all! With new hangouts popping up every other month its no wonder why Manchester’s nightlife scene is thriving.

Your Money Goes Further

Compared to other cities, you will find you can get more bang for your buck. With a variety of free museums, cheap transport, incredible parks and offers around every corner you will find it hard to become strapped for cash.  Entertainment in Manchester is over 32% cheaper than London

The Northern Quarter

An area bubbling with creative energy, the Northern Quarter is a student’s paradise. Home to record shops, galleries, cafés and incredible restaurants it has it all.

The People

We may be bias but Mancunians are the most down to earth people you will ever meet and it’s easy to get to know people here.


Over the years renting in Manchester has become more of an attraction for students and professionals who are looking for the exciting city lifestyle without breaking the bank. According to a report conducted in August 2018 housing in Manchester is 43% cheaper than in London.

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