Colour Up Your Living Space - 6 Flowery Solutions for A Boring Living Room

Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and your living room is… well… still the same.  If your space is still suffering through winter with heavy blankets abound and dark colours galore, read on for some simple and fun tips to spruce things up just in time for this fun, airy season we call spring. 

Paint One Wall

No one has time (or wants) to spend a full spring weekend day indoors at the mercy of your paintbrush and a can. The solution:  take on a painting that – assuming you have four walls – will take a quarter of the time!  Painting one wall gives more room to choose a brighter colour than you might choose if you were painting an entire room.  Go for a sunshine yellow or dusty rose.  The bright colour will give your room – and your mood a boost.

Add in Some Throw Pillows

Your couch could very well be the culprit of some wintertime blues.  Rather than swapping it out for another, consider dressing it up a bit with some throw pillows.  This is an excellent way to usher in the springtime vibe with patterns, texture, and colour.  Break up the monotony of a plain couch, with light blue and soft green pillows.  Not feeling like a whole lot of colour?  Consider using one colour palate and pick pillows that are for example, all blue, but in different shades.

Bring in Some Life

Fresh flowers are an excellent way to brighten up a room because they’re naturally vibrant.  Don’t worry about making them match your décor, just get a bunch of what looks beautiful at the flower market and put them on display.  If you don’t want to pick up your flowers, have them delivered and leverage discounts on Plusvouchercode.  For more permanent flower and plant décor, bring the outdoors inside with beautiful house plants.  And don’t forget about containers and pots for your greenery.  This is a great way to add patterns and colour in small doses.   

Add Colour to Your Coffee Table – or Change It Altogether

Look at your coffee table as if it is a blank canvas.  You can jazz it up with colourful coffee table books, a trinket box, flowers, a serving tray or other colourful accessories.  If your coffee table is drab and you want a change, consider switching it out for a plush ottoman.  This is a great way to soften up a room with fun spring colours that you may not want to use on larger pieces of furniture.

Think About Your Vertical Space

Look around:  Do you have a bare wall with nothing on it?  Give your wall a little TLC with a beautiful painting or a canvas with a positive message.  Update any old art with pictures of flowers or a gallery wall showcasing all the things – and people – you love.

Let There Be Light!

Candlelight – that is.  Steer clear of the candles with deep colours… save those for the holiday season.  Narrow your focus to brightly coloured candles that will light up your space and smell like spring too.  Floral notes like jasmine, honeysuckle and gardenia are great this time of year.

Those cold, winter days are becoming a distant memory as spring settles into the cities and countrysides, and you should enjoy it whether your indoors or outdoors.  When you key into your flat, your living room, it should be just as refreshing as a breath of spring air, so whether it’s a coat of paint or a coffee table swap, go for those small changes that make a big difference.  You just might find yourself enjoying spring most from the comfort of your couch.


Andrea Boffo is CEO of PlusVoucherCode, a website that provides discount codes to save money on online purchases.