Four movies you need to watch this Halloween

I’m sure you will all agree there is no better time to watch a horror film other than Halloween. The costumes, decorations, candy and a few drinks! So grab some of that hard earned candy and get ready to watch some of these Halloween flicks.


If you’ve seen one Saw movie you’ve seen them all. While repetitive in nature it never stopped the series from being the cult classic it is today. The overall premise of the series involves a deranged serial killer who sets up seemingly impossible challenges for his chosen victims. The challenges give the illusion that the victim had a chance to escape but…well that’s for you to find out on your own!

Gory, ambitious and a great watch. You can catch the whole series on Netflix.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

This film takes an old school cliché and spins it with a complete 180. Tucker and Dale are lovable southerners who have recently bought themselves a fix-it-yourself cabin in the middle of the woods, when your cliché teenagers arrive and assume that the southerners are serial killers. This leads to a quite bizarre turn of events.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil is an ultra violent comedic horror that will have you constantly laughing from start to finish.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween town becomes bored with the town’s holiday that they prepare all year for. Stumbling through a portal he accidently finds himself in Christmas town. Jack then decides to take over the holiday believing it to be unfair for Christmas town alone to celebrate it. This leads to some comical results, with Jack’s Christmas involving shrunken heads as Christmas toys and even skeletal reindeer’s.

If you are a fan of stop motion and musicals then you will love this light hearted Halloween film from Tim Burton.


Adam and Barbara, a normal couple who unfortunately die in a car accident find themselves trapped as ghosts in their New England home. When their house is purchased by an out of state family, they feel their home is threatened so they attempt to scare the family out of the house but these attempts fall on death ears. They then call upon Beetlejuice to help…

Another incredible film from Tim Burton that I highly recommend anyone to watch. A true “cult classic”.

Happy Halloween everyone!