homes4u at the Crystal Maze

On December 2nd homes4u headed out to the Crystal Maze for our annual company Christmas party. From the moment we stepped foot inside the building the excitement from the team was already bubbling. This was going to be a night to remember!

Before we were given our briefing by our host we had to make the ever so difficult decision of deciding on a team name. That was when ‘The A-Maze-ing Warriors’ were born.  

Gear on and picture taken we were ready to meet our maze master and what an incredible performance they put on. Energetic, sarcastic and funny too, really capturing the essence of TV show host Richard O’Brien.

We made our way through each of the iconic areas, Future, Aztec, Medieval and Industrial that looked nearly identical to the TV show itself, but of course on a smaller scale.

Challenges varied from Mental, Physical, Mystery and Skill, it was then the team captain’s decision to pick the team member best suited to the task. This took into account forward planning based on a team member’s agility, strength, intelligence and current condition.

I was tasked with two different mystery challenges. The first challenge involved me hanging up panels with different ingredients drawn onto them. To this day I could not tell you what we were meant to combine. Oh well, I will have to figure that one out next time!

The second task turned out to be a game of ‘X marks the spot’. Each time I would dig in the sand a new coordinate would be given to me. I seemed like the dig spots would never end, but then there it was, the crystal!

After many challenges we finally made it to the Crystal Dome. The nostalgia hit everyone right away! You could hear members of team saying in amazement “Are we really here right now!” It truly did take you back. We stuck our jackets back on and headed into the dome, all those hours spent watching the tv show as a kid were about to pay off. I was ready, we were ready! This was our moment! We got the highest score…honestly I’m not lying; I won’t bore you with the details of our ‘very successful’ dome experience.

Overall the experience was incredible! Connecting with work colleagues and having tons of fun doing it. I honestly can’t wait to go again. A great place with even better staff.