How to de-ice your car safely

Winters coming! And the one thing all drivers dread is the constant day to day de-icing of their car. There is nothing worse than being forced to scrape away all the ice that has built up on your windscreen before you can make the mad dash to work. But are you aware that doing so could land you with a fine?

Turn your engine on

It might sound like the most obvious thing in the world, but letting your engine run and the air conditioning circulate is the best way to get rid of those icy windows. Just remember not to leave your car unattended while it’s running. The act, known as ‘quitting’ under the Road Traffic Act means that on your return you could find yourself with a £30 fine or worse, a missing car. Don’t expect your insurance to be sympathetic either!

Don’t use boiling water

Again pretty much a no brainer. The rapid expansion and contraction of the ice can cause the screen to crack. If you are going to use water make sure that it is the appropriate temperature.

Remove all snow from your car

If it has snowed make sure that it has been removed from your car as this can also lead to a fine! The best way to remove any trace is by using a brush. (Not a hair brush!).

Use De-icer

Using de-icer is a great way to remove ice if you haven’t got the time to allow your car to warm up naturally. De-icer is affordable and removes ice fast. You can buy de-icer from most local supermarkets.

Wait until your glass is clear before driving off

It is always a good idea to wait for an extra couple of minutes to make sure your car is completely safe to drive.

And remember! Be safe on the road!