How to deal with noisy neighbours

The neighbour next door is continuously being noisy and you’ve finally had enough. Does this sound familiar?  Before you go storming over, think about how you should approach the situation first.

UK adults lose 84.1 million hours of sleep every week due to noisy neighbours. According to a recent study bass driven music is the number one type of noise complaint made by neighbours, with arguing and DIY coming in second and third.

Be understanding

In some cases your neighbour may be unaware of how much noise they are making. While shouting at them to keep the noise down might make you feel better, it is not the most effective way of dealing with the situation and can create a negative relationship. Remember, you could potentially live next to this person for a number of years and being ‘that guy’ is something I’m sure nobody wants.

Be reasonable and create a plan. Usually your neighbour will appreciate you coming to an arrangement about their activities. Ask politely for your neighbours to keep the noise down during late hours, or ask if they could potentially move their activities to another time of the day.

If you have asked but there has been no change, it is well worth keeping a diary with the times and dates of noise disturbances and how it has effected you.

Try mediation

If the worst has happened and you have fallen out with your neighbours then mediation might be a way to settle any disputes you have with them in a controlled environment. Mediation is a voluntary process where a professionally trained mediator can set up a meeting with you and your neighbour, the aim is helping you both understand each other’s point of view and come to a mutual agreement.

Contact the Council

As a last resort if you’ve tried to make an arrangement with your neighbour and they have simply brushed it off, then it could be time to bring in the council. The council will send your neighbour a letter notifying them that people have complained about the noise coming from their home. The complaint will be completely anonymous.

If the noise continues after this letter, make a record of it and speak again to the council as they will be able to advise on your next steps.

Make sure to check out our partners Manchester Student Homes who have some great advice on what to do when noise and anti-social behaviour occur or alternatively you can visit the Manchester City Council website for information on how to report a noise problem.