Importance of Rental Property Inventory Checks

The introduction of the Tenant Fees Act has changed the way many landlords run their business. Landlords are now limited in the fees they can charge, leading many landlords to remove certain services or to question if they need to offer the service. The Act prohibits landlords from charging tenants for an inventory check, and inevitably, some landlords will no longer offer this service. However, the importance of rental property inventory checks ensure they are crucial for landlords.

At homes4u, we believe inventory checks are essential for both landlords and tenants. While you cannot charge tenants for this service, it is an invaluable service which protects landlords and helps to minimise disputes. If you want to make tenants feel welcome and cared for, while reducing the likelihood of disagreements at the end of a tenancy, an inventory check is vital.

An inventory check provides evidence you comply with regulations

Rental properties must adhere to a lot of rules. If you are concerned about being questioned about the regulation process, carrying out an inventory check offers evidence of the steps you take to comply.

As an example, your inventory check should state the presence of smoke alarms in the rental property, and whether they were tested. If you have a record of their existence and working order, signed by yourself, the tenant and the person conducting the test, you have a dependable record which shows you comply with regulations.

The same process can be followed for gas and electrical checks, providing you and the tenant with confidence the property is safe and compliant with regulations.

An inventory check provides evidence your rental property is safe

While it is essential to show you comply with regulations, you want to indicate your property is safe. The introduction of the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act places a higher level of responsibility on landlords to provide safe rental accommodation. There is also a growing number of local councils across the country introducing licencing schemes.

Landlords need documentation that states they offer a safe environment for tenants. An inventory check should review these matters, and with two or three signatures verifying the document, landlords can prove they provide a satisfactory environment for tenants.

Inventory checks provide guidelines for tenants

Most tenants are keen to claim their deposit back at the end of the tenancy. Tenants need to ensure they maintain the condition of the rental property, and an inventory check provides them with a guideline to work towards.

The tenant should aim to maintain these standards while allowing for wear and tear. Doing so increases the likelihood of the tenant claiming their deposit. Therefore, an inventory check is of benefit to the tenant, and if it encourages the tenant to maintain the condition of the property, it benefits the landlord too.

At homes4u, we believe the inventory check is crucial for landlords. If you’re a Manchester landlord or have properties in the greater Manchester and Cheshire areas who is  looking for help in letting property, contact us, and we’ll be happy to arrange this for you and provide support in caring for your rental property.

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