Manchester Culinary - TOPS Buffet

Manchester seems to have it all, incredible music, amazing people, a rich and proud history and of course fantastic food. TOPS is a restaurant that I stumbled upon a few years ago when I was looking for a fresh experience from my normal go to. After a near perfect first impression I have found myself going back to it time and time again.


I'm sure I’m not the only one who has had a small heart attack at the end of a night of ‘fine dining’ at the sight of the bill waving goodbye to that new jacket you’d been eyeing up the month before.


£15 and you can eat as much as you can. The moment I read those words is the day my opinion of a Manchester restaurant changed. As I paid my price of admission I was blown away from the sheer scope of the restaurant and the variety of food it had to offer. Thinking back I’m sure it was the first time I’ve ever joyfully skipped in a restaurant out of pure excitement.


If you go during one of the food rotations you will see just how well the staff at TOPS present the food on offer. From the sushi bar to the deserts corner everything is laid out with care and attention. You can really tell that the staff enjoy their job and it shows in the passion they put into every dish.


For those of you who love a drink with your meal you will be pleased to know that TOPS has a built in bar at the very end of the room. While you can be asked to be waited on if you don’t feel like getting up after ingesting a small store worth of food, it is great to be able to get your drinks any time and pay for them there and then.


After spending some time away from TOPS and trying some of the other buffet style restaurants that have appeared in and around Manchester in recent years, in my opinion I can say without any doubt that it is the best around by a large margin.


If my clear over excitement has enticed you to give TOPS a try you can find it at 106-108 Portland Street City Centre, Manchester. Or if you would like more information on what it has to offer you can visit their website or Facebook page.


  • Price – £15
  • Parking – Street Parking
  • Attire – Casual