Manchester Nightlife – The Ruby Lounge

Two weeks ago I had my first and certainly not the last trip to Manchester’s Ruby Lounge. It was my 22nd birthday and I had not really planned to do anything (boring I know).

I had heard that my friend and his band Somos Muchos (Check them out!) were playing that night, so we decided to head down and watch them play. Little did I know the surprise they had in store for me…

The first thing you notice when entering the Ruby lounge is the ‘classic bar’ feel it has while also having an incredibly clean look with lots of space to move around. The stage where all the music events are centred is easy to view from most areas of the lounge. Even when I moved over to the back of the lounge I still had a perfect vantage point of what was going on.

For those who are not a fan of standing there are seating areas that are away from the stage that allow you to relax and have your own space. This open plan layout is perfect as it gives everyone a different way to experience their own personal night.

As we entered onto the stage floor all be it a little late (better than never) we listened to the incredible set that Somos Muchos preformed. If you are into classic rock then I highly recommend checking some of their stuff out.

Coming to the end of their set, they announced to the entire lounge the personal landmark that was my birthday and went on to perform a little song to commemorate it, with some language I will obviously not repeat here. It was an amazing gesture and really made my night. (thanks, lads)!

Realising I had not procured myself a drink yet, one of my friends kindly offered me a celebratory beverage. I have to give praise where it is due and that is to the bar staff, they are very polite and are not afraid to get chatty with you. They are very quick to get you the drinks you want and you don’t find yourself waiting around like most other venues. Of course this can change per night but from my experience the level of service was excellent.

The Ruby Lounge’s bar has a great selection to choose from. It is sensibly cheap and if you especially like beer this place has you more than covered. I strictly stuck to cider for the duration of my night due to personal preference and although there was not as much choice, I still did not find myself struggling to pick something I liked.

As the night went on I noticed the arcade machine next to the bar had finally been switched on. Being the gamer I am I couldn’t stop myself from going over and popping in a few coins, especially on finding out it had the classic ‘Street Fighter Third Strike’ loaded up on it ready to go. I love the idea of having something like this at a venue. It gives you another point of activity, and in my opinion is why fruit machines in pubs are so successful.

As our night wound to a close we headed on our way out. Something I should also give credit for is the terrific door staff, polite and very welcoming. They also made you feel at ease every time you would re-enter the venue, big well done to these guys.

From my personal knowledge of the Ruby Lounge they seem to be best known for their gig nights, featuring fantastic bands and tributes that I will certainly be looking at going to see again. They also host club nights during weekends that from what I have heard have been very successful.

If you’re looking for somewhere that caters to your Rock N’ Roll needs then this place has you more than covered. Amazing staff, amazing venue and even better music what more could you ask for.

  • Price Range – Affordable
  • Entry Fee – Depending on the band seems to vary per night (£10 when I went)
  • Parking – Street Parking
  • Attire – Casual

If you are interested in going to this venue (which you should be by now) you can find The Ruby Lounge at 28-34 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1QB. If you are looking for more information on The Ruby Lounge then check out their Facebook page.