Manchester property the rise of city centre living

Manchester, my home town, is a very special place. It is undoubtedly one of the UK’s fastest growing cities. Clearly there is some bias here, yet there is an undeniable buzz across the city at the minute. Everywhere you look there is a cordoned off site, drilling, or a crane towering around every corner. Not to mention the many improvements to public transport that are currently underway.

St. Peter’s Square re-opened at the weekend after 14 months of redevelopment and the area is one of the main clusters of regeneration taking place in the city centre. There is so much development happening right now it can understandably be quite difficult to keep track of all the information.

That’s why we thought we’d help out and give a breakdown of some of the key residential development figures going on in Manchester at the minute. Did you know for example, there are currently nearly 2,500 apartments under construction in the city centre alone? That is before you consider the 3,000 in Salford and 1,200 in Salford Quays. That’s right, 7,000 apartments ‘underway’ and on-site and that’s just half the story…

This is even more surprising when you consider a few other crucial figures such as the population of Manchester city centre in 1991. Any guesses? Just under 3,000 people. There has been a significant boom in city centre living over the last 25 years. That small number had been blown out of the water in just 20 years. People came in their droves and the centre expanded. The 50 somethings, the outgoing young professionals and most recently the students have all flooded in. In 2011, the amount of inner city residents had exploded by 1000% to just over 23,000.

The demand is there and the supply keeps coming. Not only are there 7,000 apartments currently underway, there are over 40,000 in the pipeline. The potential is there to increase the number of residents in the city by up to 100,000. We have 2,500 apartments raring to go and awaiting the start of construction. The groundwork has been done; the only place to go is up. Then there are a whopping 10,000 that have been approved by the council, and 20,000 at the planning stages.

What speaks to me the most about the growing levels of development in Manchester at the moment is the boldness of some of the developers. The ambition of their sites is shown not only in the height but also the sheer magnitude. We have seen in the last few months the Beetham Tower finally losing its crown with the planning approval of the Owen Street Tower project. At 64 storeys it will become the city’s new tallest building.

We are also seeing a new era of development being ushered in, where developers are seemingly not contented by just a building. We are seeing neighbourhoods being created and brought to life. Not only are they places to live, but to laugh and to learn. They are fully self sufficient, vibrant inner city communities. We can see examples of this in plans such as Circle Square, St. John’s, St. Michaels, and the whole regeneration of Ancoats under the Manchester Life Group. We can’t forget about the £1 billion investment being poured into Media City in Salford Quays as well.

What is certain is that the development of Manchester has come a long way in the last 25 years, and I for one cannot wait to see and experience the results of today’s plans in the near future.

For the finer details of what is going on in Manchester in terms of the current and future development ,head over to Place North West. There is also a map with all the developments plotted which can be viewed here 

Written by Andrew Mellor Digital and Social Media Coordinator at homes4u

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