Manchester Vendors: Get Your Home Ready To Sell

If you are wondering whether you can sell your home in winter or if you should wait until spring, you’ll find there is no time like the present. Both Zoopla and Rightmove have provided evidence that there is buyer demand in January. This is evident in January when many people are keen to make changes in their life, and there is enough evidence to suggest buyers begin the search process before New Year.

The leading property portals experience a significant increase in page views for the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If you can prepare your home for this time, you should do so, as you will be placed in front of interested buyers. However, if you plan on waiting until 2020, this is okay too.

You must create a positive impression when selling your home

Whenever you decide to enter the property market, you must present your home in the best manner. If you’re a Manchester vendor and you want to get your home ready to sell, we can assist you. Some of the most critical steps on presenting your house for sale include:

  • Have your home assessed by a local agent who will provide you with an accurate valuation
  • Clean and declutter the house to the best possible standard you can manage
  • Ensure each room has a purpose or theme – don’t leave rooms blank
  • Style the property with a likely buyer in mind
  • Remember the importance of kerb appeal and creating the best impression
  • If you need additional storage space, invest in it
  • Allow as much natural light into the property as you can – and if possible, make the property available for daytime viewings

If you follow these steps, along with help and guidance from an experienced local agent, you will enhance your chances of selling your home quickly and for a suitable price.

Know what buyers want from a home

The importance of local knowledge and reaching out to buyers is vital if you want to sell your home. Not every type of buyer is looking for the same style of residence, and if you cater to a general buyer, you may not impress the people who are more likely to take an interest in your property.

Buyers are interested in the price of the home, the size of the property, the condition and local amenities. However, the way the property is presented is vital in attracting attention and making a likely buyer picture themselves living in the property.

A first-time buyer is looking for something different from a family group or a couple who are downsizing. Knowing who the most likely buyer allows you to reach out to buyers effectively, saving time and minimising frustration.

If you are a Manchester vendor looking to sell your home, contact homes4u. We are pleased to offer a property valuation, and we will provide you with guidance on what buyers are looking at your home. When it comes to reaching out to buyers and making the most significant impact, local knowledge goes a long way.

Anyone keen to make 2020 the year they move home should get in touch with the sales team at homes4u.