Party games to play this Christmas

Christmas is a time for food, family and most importantly, party games! Here is a list of five of our favourite Christmas party games for you to play with family and friends this holiday season. These games are perfect regardless of your age or party size!


A true game of strategy, chess is a game that has survived era after era and has been played by millions of people worldwide. You don’t have to be a chess veteran to fully appreciate the skill that goes into the game. Chess also has many health benefits such as raising your IQ, improving memory, creativity and problem-solving skills. You can pick up Chess sets for as low at £10 so it’s not going to break the bank.


Jenga is a straight forward game with players having one simple goal in mind, remove the wooden blocks and try not to tip the tower. The player to topple the tower loses and the game starts again. The game is fantastic for training your skills in forward planning as you look to take out blocks that will give the next player a hard time trying to keep the structure stable. You can pick up Jenga for £16.99.


Monopoly is the definition of a traditional, classic Christmas party game. It is a game that can bring the whole family together regardless of age and keep you engaged for hours. Over the years the original base game has been expanded on. Featuring themed boards such as; Super Mario, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and even a junior version for the kids. You can pick Monopoly up for a little as £20 with other boards priced even cheaper.

True or false?

This is a great game to play especially once the alcohol gets into full swing. Each player has to share three things about themselves that may or may not be true. Other players will then get a turn each to ask the speaker a question about their facts and try to find cracks in their claims. Once everyone has had a turn to act a question the group must then decide what two claims are true and which one is false. True or false is great for getting to know more, (maybe too much!) about your friends or even the in-laws.


A game that doesn’t require anything other than yourself and is suitable for all ages. Charades involves acting out words or phrases that you have been given. To score points you will have to get your team to correctly guess that answer using your gestures alone! Charades is fun, easy to organise and is completely free. There is now also an app you can download from your respective app store to help setting up the game that much easier.

So go on, get playing this Christmas! If you are looking to move this holiday season, check out our tips to sell this winter blog and have a look at the free valuation tool on our website.

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