SIX essential items every home should have

Every home should reflect the personality of the owner. Whether you favour modernist chic or a more Boeheim style, I believe there are some essential items that every home should have.

Small kitchen appliances

No kitchen is ever complete without those small appliances filling up the empty spaces on your kitchen counters. Long gone are the days when a kettle or microwaves were only dreary white. Now small kitchen appliances can be bought in all colours and styles. From SMEG 50’s style mixers for baking enthusiasts to modern stainless steel abstract designs such as Alessi. There is so much on offer it could be hard to choose from.

Always make sure to keep in mind the amount of counter space you have available to you. There is nothing worse than getting home to find out that top of the range coffee maker you bought is too big to fit.

If you are stuck for somewhere to shop then LOFT is a great place to look. They have great deals on household appliances, furniture and more. They can every help you design your home with incredible stylish designs.


House plants can add colour and life to your home, whilst also bringing in that subtle touch of nature. If you live in an apartment with no outdoor space, plants are a great way to ‘bring the outside in’. There are lots of options available check out  the Independents guide to the top 8 house plants. Why not consider growing herbs such as parsley, thyme and basil on your kitchen

If you are not a natural Alan Titchmarsh why not fake it! Replica plants can do just as good a job, check out Ikea for some reasonably priced options.


Cushions are not only super comfy but they can also to be used to add a pop of colour to a room.  My personal recommendation would be to opt for the oversized style of cushion for total relaxation. Fancy a splurge? This fake fur giant bean bag is not cheap, but just imagine slumping into it at the end of a long day.

If you are looking for something more practical, then my suggestion would be to buy standard cushions to add style and patterns to sofas or chairs.

Why not try making your own? I am told they are relatively easy and you can then have a totally personal item for your home.  You could even have yours or a family members photo printed on a cushion, you cannot get more personal than that!

Flexible lighting

Dimmers give you the ability to change the overall mood and feel of a room by simply using your existing light fixtures. They can be installed whether you rent or own and are slowly becoming a standard feature in many homes.

As standard make sure to shop around and make use of any You-tube videos you can find to compare how well the fixtures function, as you could buy a dimmer that doesn’t go to the lighting level you had hoped.

Amazon is a great place to start as you can usually find dimmers for 75% less than your average hardware store.

A good vacuum

A clean home is a happy home and being easily able to vacuum can make sure that things stay that way.

Make sure the vacuum you buy ticks all the requirements to your current needs. Do you have a dog? Miele compact cat and dog vacuum cleaner might be just what you need. Trying to keep energy costs down? Then Henry’s going to become your best friend.

Make comparisons and shop around, you never know when and where you could snatch yourself a bargain. If you want to ensure you are getting value for money, do some research and check out reviews and the Which? report.

First aid kit

You never know when an accident can happen. First aid kits can be bought from most supermarkets usually around the pharmacy area, or you can put one together yourself.

If you are putting together your own first aid kit, we advise you to take a look at the NHS website  

Your first aid kit should be locked and kept in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children. By having a basic first aid kit you can be ready for any minor injuries that may occur in the home.

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