Social Media and Me

After working in a dead end job for the most part of my teen years, going into my twenties I wanted to find a career I was passionate about. A career where I could utilise my skillset. Thanks to the Juice Academy and homes4u I have the opportunity to do just that.

So I guess the first question is why should you get involved in social media? It is an ever growing industry with more and more companies starting to understand the benefits it has to offer. Social media from my younger years has always seemed like a way to keep in touch with friends, watch videos, and a way for me to fill in gaps in my life when there was time to waste. As I have gotten older I found myself thinking more and more how I could apply my interests in to my working life. Let my journey begin…

I am only two weeks in to my journey into the world of a social media career, and I have to say it has been pretty amazing so far. I have been tasked with making sure there is engaging content on our social media channels while also coming up with new ideas. Working with the team to further improve our reach to the millions of daily social media users.

Meeting new people I feel I am quickly learning the ins and outs of social that typically most people don’t even realise exist. Analytics, engagement, reach, insights at first may seem super confusing and unimportant, but you soon learn how vital they are and how they can help you put out more engaging content. You can’t just put out a piece of content and hope it will go ‘viral’. You need to know what works right now. In the upcoming weeks I will be using my skills in creating videos and editing to make me stand out in the large crowd.

Everyone has their own ‘thing’; I know that this is mine. I have huge goals and aspirations but as of right now I am just a duckling in a very large pond. Though as I progress through my apprenticeship and improve my skillset I know I will be able to hang with the best of them.