Spotlight on: Fallowfield

Fallowfield lies roughly three miles south from the city centre and is bordered by Withington, Rusholme and Burnage. It is an extremely popular place to live due to not only its own amazing attractions and facilities, but also it’s easy access to Manchester’s cultural and recreational facilities without the cost of city centre living.

Fallowfield has an incredibly diverse population, from families to young adults and university students. Families are drawn to the area due to the several primary schools dotted around the area, while not forgetting it is within the catchment area for nearby secondary schools. The area is also home to the University of Manchester's main accommodation complex, the Fallowfield Campus, which spans over a large area in the north. This warrants an increased student population and over the years has earned its place as a students paradise.

Getting about

Fallowfield is roughly three miles from the city centre, which can be reached by car, bike, train or on the 24-7 bus service. The route to the city centre is reportedly the busiest bus route in Europe! Forget waiting up to 20 minutes for a bus in other parts of Manchester, buses arrive just 60 seconds after each other which is an incredible draw for those without their own personal form of transportation.

Things to do

If you’re a student chances are you have fallen for the urban legend that Sainsbury’s is too expensive and a place you need to avoid. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth as you will quickly learn Sainsbury’s is a godsend. Interested yet? Good. As there’s two right next to each other. One located at 347 Wilmslow Rd and the other at the Fallowfield Shopping Centre on Birchfields Rd, which the shopping centre in itself is a great place to visit. For all you fast food lovers there is a McDonalds, located just as you enter Fallowfield from Withington that I am personally familiar with myself.

Apart from the ever so popular McDonalds, the first drive thru McDonalds in the UK. The area is home to an unbelievable amount of takeout’s and restaurants from the long and infamous curry mile to the amazing and much loved Nando’s restaurant.

Fallowfield is also home to a wealth of bars to accommodate for the student nightlife demand. Such as the ever so popular Friendship Inn that offers an outside bar and patio for when you are looking to get some fresh air while you enjoy your pint. The Inn also screens live sport which makes it popular with local students.

Maybe you’re looking for a more healthy approach on your list of activities, and that is where the Armitage Sports Centre comes in. The University of Manchester’s main sport’s centre is home to many University Athletic Union sport clubs and even community teams. It is a great facility to get involved in activities such as, football, basketball, netball and much more. It even includes a gym with an excellent variety of equipment for casual gym goers or enthusiast’s alike.

On the subject of sports centres, Hough End Leisure Centre is fairly new facility in the area and offers a large array of activities for all group varieties. From a gym, dance studio to even a swimming pool you’re spoilt for choice and fits especially into the student demographic. They even offer birthday parties which from my personal opinion is something unheard of in a leisure centre. I highly recommend you check this place out, especially if you live in the area.


Fallowfield is an area with great variety of property- from new developments to terraced houses, corporation housing and large period houses. While many of the large Victorian terraces are now five to 10 bedroom student homes, there is still a strong community in the area.

Last year most property sales in Fallowfield involved terraced properties which sold for on average £151,010. Semi-detached properties sold for an average price of £178,095, while flats fetched £120,208.

Fallowfield, with an overall average price of £152,817 was more expensive than nearby Rusholme (£123,901), but was cheaper than Withington (£229,788) and Burnage (£178,442).

During the last year, sold prices in Fallowfield were 7% up on the previous year and 6% down on 2007 when the average house price was £161,976.

*source rightmove

Home Adviser Poppy Lockwood’s top 7 reasons to live in Fallowfield.

  • Excellent transport links to the city and other parts of Manchester
  • Great bar and food places like Fuzion and Fallow
  • Sense of a student community
  • Good renting prices
  • Close to some really nice parks
  • Large selection of different types of houses
  • The two bottles of wine for £5 at New Zealand Wines


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