Spotlight on: Wythenshawe

I find that my home turf gets a lot of stick for its historic reputation. But in the last two decades Wythenshawe is booming, full of new developments and in truth, the area has never looked better. There is a real friendly community feel that flows through it and I’m more than proud to say I’ve not only grown up there I still live in Wythenshawe to this day.

History and Regeneration

Wythenshawe came to be in the 1920’s. The vision for the area was for it to become a "garden city" where people could be rehoused away from the industrial city Manchester. Rather than the grids of terraced housing that characterized the Victorian slums tenants were leaving, the houses formed crescents, cul de sacs and avenues.

In the last few years Wythenshawe has had an expansive upgrade. From the removal of the large island roundabout that made way for the brand new metrolink, to new housing and apartment developments and even major road resurfacing. Wythenshawe has never looked better! 

Getting About

Over the last few years travel has changed dramatically in and around Wythenshawe. Gone are the days of waiting for the number ‘11’ bus just to get around. People living and visiting now have more than enough transportation options.

The new Metrolink Airport line has been a huge improvement for those who need a direct line out of Wythenshawe without having to rely on bus routes or spending money on taxi fares. For those who have some money to spend there is also a large variety of taxi ranks spread across Wythenshawe with the most popular ‘Millennium’ based in Hollyhedge.

With Wythenshawe’s rebuild have come brand new junction and road surface upgrades mainly focusing around the Metrolink line. There are also plans to include walking and cycle paths in the future for a more eco-friendly approach to transportation.

Things to do

Wythenshawe has an incredible array of things to do. What it may lack in nightlife, it makes up in family oriented activities, keeping in touch with the areas community feel.

The major attraction most people will think of when they think of the area is Wythenshawe Park. I personally remember the days spent in this park as a kid, going for picnics with the family and the many, many school trips.

The stunning local park spans over 270 acres of open parkland. It is best known for its beauty with historic woodland and beautiful wildflower meadows. The grounds have even been awarded Green Flag Award in both 2011 and 2012.

For those of you who are looking for a place to do most of your shopping, the Civic Centre has you covered. As a child getting my spends every week meant a casual trip to Poundland, that still stands in Civic to this day. Not only is it home to popular brand shops such as Asda, Argos, B&M and many others, it also features The Forum that houses many activities such as large indoor swimming pools, gym facilities, club rooms and much more.


As of June 2017, the average value of property in Wythenshawe was £152,516 according to Zoopla.

The average value of a terraced property was £132,000 and a semi-detached property was £147,887.

There has been a recorded 386 homes sold between June 2016 and 2017 with more properties being developed every year. This could potentially drastically increase the number of sold homes.

Fun fact! Brooklands Road in Wythenshawe has the highest average property price at a figure of £561,908.

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