Student Safety Tips

Moving to a new city to start University is an exciting time. Meeting new friends, exploring a new city, its easy to get caught up and let your guard down security wise. We wanted to share some tips which we hope will be useful whilst not hindering your fresher’s week experience.

If you are out and about and fee at risk or that you need assistance, the Police and your Students Union provide Safe Zones. Look out for the logo or safe zone sticker. You can view your nearest safe zone by visiting

Most burglars are opportunists.

1 in 3 burglaries are a result of doors and windows being left unlocked. Even if you are at home, keep doors and accessible windows locked.

Don’t leave your valuables on view.

Having a coffee with friends, enjoying the atmosphere, don’t leave your mobile, wallet or handbag on show for someone to swipe from under your nose. At home and if you have a car, don’t leave your valuables in view from windows.

Mark your belongings.

You can buy a UV pen online for as little as a couple of quid. UV marker pens can be used to mark your property with your postcode, house number or your name. This can help police to identify and return stolen property.

Register your Valuables.

Register your belongings free of charge at the site helps Police identify the owners of recovered property thousands of times everyday. At you can register your bike free of charge with their unique frame numbers and other details, so if the unfortunate does happen, you have more chance of the Police being able to recover it.

Avoid distractions; be aware of your surroundings.

We all like to listen to music but take your headphones out when you are crossing the road or if you are cycling so you can hear ongoing traffic. Checking social media or texting on the move? Put your phone away and wait until you have stopped.

Stay with friends.

If you are walking around after dark, stay with your friends, its an old saying but still true ‘safety in numbers’ Enjoying the nightlife? If you have had a couple of drinks its easy to become less vigilant, make sure no one travels home alone.

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