The Manchester Nightlife - Fab Café

Manchester’s nightlife is something incredible. It has to be the only place where regardless of what background you come from, you can always have fun and enjoy yourself. Just one of the other many effects of the Manchester nightlife.

My first visit to Fab Café was incredibly blurry if you catch my meaning. After a long night of food and drinking, myself and a few others decided the night was still young and proceeded to visit the bar. As I entered and noticed the incredible memorabilia scattered around, that is when I knew it was going to be a great end to the night.

The atmosphere of the crowd seemed incredibly friendly, chatting, smiling and singing along to the non-stop hits. Even when I embarrassingly sat on a table I though was secure, nearly spilling a poor woman’s drink (don’t worry I offered her another one). She and her friends just laughed it off, joking about the same drunken state they were in.

To me it is clear why Fab Café is known as a one-off around Manchester. One review I spotted seemed to hit the nail on the head “It’s like drinking in your big brother’s bedroom”. Admittedly the décor comes off as quite geeky, which is great for someone like me as I personally love all that sort of stuff, my rooms full of it. From movies such as Star Wars to TV memorabilia from Doctor Who this place seems to have it all. They even have arcade machines such as the infamous ‘Point Blank’ (such a classic by the way), although they seemed to be off when I visited.

From my personal encounters the choice of music seems to be primarily classic rock which is awesome. I did hear the occasional pop groups such as S-Club 7, so it may vary from night to night. 

Fab Café has a reasonable size bar to accommodate for the room size, and staff are incredibly polite even engaging in conversation. As me and Barry (I don’t know his actual name) shared some banter about my previous encounter with the dreaded table.

Drinks are cheap enough and won’t burn too much of a hole into your pocket. G&T’s and tequila are their big sellers, with their vodka of choice being red square. You can load up on your vodka and cokes, while of course they have the standard beers and wines.

If you’re looking for something different from the mainstream then this place has you more than covered, from cosplay events to bar quizzes Fab Café has it all. You can find Fab Café at Gainsborough House, Portland St, Manchester M1 6DN. Or if you are looking for more information you can visit their website.

  • Price Range – Affordable
  • Entry Fee – Open Door Policy (Free Entry)
  • Parking – Street and Valet Parking
  • Attire – Casual

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