Tips For Designing The Perfect Kitchen Space

Whether your kitchen is a little out of date or you're looking to build one from the ground up, follow our top tips to design the perfect kitchen space.

Set A Budget

Make sure to be realistic with your budget, find out the best areas to save and where to invest. Whilst it can be easy to get carried away with the little things when designing your space, don’t forget to include installation fees. These can quickly eat up a large portion of your budget.

Pick A Colour Palette

When starting out the design of your kitchen make sure to decide on a colour pallet and stick with it. Keeping it consistent throughout is a great way to make the space feel larger and more inviting. Different shades can have an uplifting or calming effect and can go a long way to reflecting your personality.

Select Appropriate Lighting

It is important to make sure your lighting is doing its job. Well positioned lighting can make a small kitchen appear larger and compensate for poor natural light. Imagine what activities will happen in each space and plan your lighting around it.


When picking out accessories try to avoid anything that’s too extreme as you don’t want to overload to look of your kitchen space. This is crucial, especially in a smaller kitchen where there’s already a lot of activity going on.

Safe Space

It’s always a good idea to make your kitchen as safe as possible. You can achieve this by planning for good visibility and easy movement. Think about who you might have in your kitchen, if you have children then consider investing in slip-resistant flooring and rounded countertops to make the room as safe as possible.

A Multifunctional Kitchen

Kitchens have become more versatile, suitable for entertaining and relaxing. When designing your kitchen space think about creating an area that can not only be used for cooking but for entertaining too.