Top 5 Christmas Advert 2016

So every year the whole nation waits upon the big reveal of the John Lewis advert. This year there seemed to be very mixed reviews on it. Personally I loved it! But I have to say, it wasn’t my favourite of all the adverts this year. Here I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best Christmas adverts on TV this year.

Starting with my no1 favourite, it’s actually the Amazon advert. Whilst not overtly Christmassy, this advert pulls on my heart strings every time. There are a few different amazon adverts circulating but the one that grabs me is where there is a little girl who is scared of the family dog. She then receives a cuddly lion for Christmas and loves it; meanwhile the dog stands by looking sad. The dad then goes on to order a lion mane for the dog on AmazonPrime and then introduces him to the little girl who then loves him! This heart warming story may not be filled with Santa, Christmas trees or snow but it still does the job! Nice one Amazon!

Next on the list at no2 is Aldi’s festive advert. This advert takes you on a little journey with ‘Kevin the Carrot’ who is left out for Santa on the fireplace with a mince pie but then wakes up hanging off Rudolf’s antler keeping the sleigh flying high in the sky! This is a very cutesy advert accompanied by a soft deep voice in the background which I think gives that cozy Christmas feeling straight away. This is an animated advert allowing for anything to happen and brings a real sense of Christmas magic.

Surprisingly, for me the John Lewis Christmas advert only comes in at no3. They have gone for a more fun feel this year which in my opinion has less impact than the heart warming or more emotional adverts from years past. This, however, is still a great advert. I love the little animals bouncing on the trampoline during the night whilst the dog watches on. The animation is so life like. The cut to reality of the dog jumping on the trampoline the next morning, however, is slightly out of character of the usual John Lewis adverts I think.. But hey, who says they can’t try something new! I saw a video of a boxer watching the advert on TV and copying the Buster the Boxer by jumping up and down too! It seems even the animal kingdom love the advert this year.

At no4 it’s Coke! The Coco Cola advert is always a favourite of mine. The consistency in their Christmas advertising means that as soon as the advert comes onto our TV’s it fills the house with festive feeling straight away! Fun fact: did you know that the traditional colour of Father Christmas used to be green until Coco Cola were so influential that they changed it to red in 1931? Not bad Coco Cola!

The Sainsbury’s Advert is up next at no5. This is a very uplifting, happy advert. With James Cordon’s iconic voice singing in the background and stop-motion animated figures going about their daily business. The voice is at first quite surprising as I wouldn’t usually put James Cordon down as someone to do things like that but it actually fits very well. The stop motion animation follows Dave, a hard-working and devoted dad who, like many people, struggles to find the time to get everything done – especially at Christmas. Whilst not being one myself, I imagine this is relatable feeling to a lot of parents. A clever way to connect with customers here!