Top tips for a stress free tenancy

You have found your perfect new pad, got the keys, unpacked and its starting to feel like home. When you are renting how can you help make the tenancy run as smoothly as possible? We have been letting and managing landlords properties for over 26 years. Over this time we have picked up some helpful top tips for a stress free tenancy that we thought we would share with you.

Check your Inventory

At the beginning of your tenancy do a thorough check of your inventory. Make sure everything is accounted for and working. If there are any discrepancies, let your agent or landlord know in writing straight away. Make any notes on the inventory before you return it and if you can, take lots of pictures. If you are organised and pro-active from the start, it could help reduce the chance of any challenges at the end of the tenancy.

Treat the property as if it is your own

If you take care of the property not only will it put you in good favour with the Landlord, it also reduces the chance of disputes when you come to move out. If you wish to make any aesthetic changes such as the painting of walls do make sure that you get written permission from the Landlord first! With any bigger repair or maintenance issues, make sure to report them to your Agent or Landlord in writing straight away.

Pay on time

A tenant who pays on time is a trustworthy tenant and this can be beneficial for any future references. However, nobody is immune to financial difficulties. If you are struggling to pay in full and on time, always let your Landlord or Agent know straight away. Being upfront is much more advisable than ignoring the situation.

Get to know the neighbours

When you are living in the property, get to know your neighbours. It can be beneficial for many reasons. It’s always handy to know your neighbours for the essentials, whenever you run out of milk and sugar! Bear in mind that walls can be quite thin, so keeping the noise levels down to a respectful level is a nice thing to do as well.

Forwarding Mail

A small but significant way you can be helpful and thoughtful as a tenant is with post. If your rental home is the registered address of the Landlord you may receive some mail in his or her name. Forwarding on any mail that arrives is a small gesture that could go a long way.

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