Top tips to sell your home in winter

It is widely believed that the summer months are traditionally the best time to sell your property. While this may put you off a winter sale, don’t lose hope! With the right tips you can maximise your property’s selling potential and give someone a new home to settle down in this holiday season.

Get festive!

It’s time to get out some fairy lights and decorate that Christmas tree! Decorating your home for the Christmas period can really enhance that homely feel but don’t go overboard. You want to make potential buyers envisage themselves living in your property, not feel overwhelmed. I’m sure you will agree, there is no better feeling than sitting down with the family at Christmas time with some hot cocoa and some Christmas tv! Make buyers feel that and you’ll already be on to a winner.

Try to be flexible

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed with winter months comes the inevitability of less daylight hours. You need to think of your prospective buyers and when it is convenient for them to view your property. At homes4u we can help you work around those tricky daylight hours and make the most out of your property!

Make it cozy and welcoming

It is always best to make sure the heat in your property is turned up a few degrees higher than usual. If you have a gas fireplace then light a fire, or even better if your home features a wood-burning fireplace then you can really get it feeling festive! You want to encourage your buyers to feel cozy as it could entice them to stay longer while looking around.

Time for some DIY!

It’s easy to put off the small things but left too long these can become big problems. You might not notice a crack in the wall, but potential buyers definitely will. Put yourself in a buyers shoes and walk around your home and observe. Fixing a leaky tap or a loose floorboard could be the deciding factor in selling your property or it remaining on the market.

Use an experienced agent.

When selling your home make sure to use an experienced award winning agent. We have over 27 years of experience in the property industry and have been consistently recognised for our excellent service.

Most recently we have been shortlisted in The Federation of Small Business Awards 2017 for Property and Construction Business of the Year, Business of the Year (10-50 employees) and Woman Business Owner of the Year – Carolyn Mellor. We  also won a Silver Property Management Department of the Year award at The Negotiator Awards 2017.

To see more of our awards down the years, click here.

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