University of Manchester Cycling Club 17/18 Charity Roundup

Over the last academic year, we are once again, proud to have been able to support Maggie’s Manchester, a charity that provides well-being support for cancer patients. As a club we repeated our yearly 24-hour static cycle fundraiser outside the student’s union, completed the legendary ‘Everesting Challenge’ and took part in the Manchester 10km run. We have raised a total of £1123.70 since last September, making the total we have raised for Maggie’s over the last few years a whopping £5480!

Written by Thomas Cornforth

24 Hour Static Cycle

It kicked off with the 24-hour static cycle on the 8th November, an event that brings out all members of the club, with a minimum of one rider on a static turbo trainer outside the Students Union at any one time.

The event was a success raising £651.20.

We look forward to repeating this event again in October, it not only raises the profile of Maggie’s but brings the club out together in support of this wonderful charity.

Everesting Challenge – Check out for the full details of the challenge.

In April a few of our riders took a leap of faith and headed over to Nepal to climb Everest. Well not exactly… In the cycling world it’s known as the ‘Everesting Challenge’, a challenge where each rider has to ascend the total height of Everest (8848 metres) during one bike ride within the time space of 24 hours.

We woke up at 5am on the 26th March and headed over to the closest thing we have to the Himalayas (Peak District); to the infamous climb known as Peaslows that has an average gradient of 10% over 1 mile.

To climb the height of Everest our riders had to ride up Peaslows 56 times, covering a total distance of over 110 miles.

Only two of our riders (Ed and Will) were able to complete it. Seeing them undertake it was certainly something many of us will remember, but unfortunately for them something they may not remember – with Ed’s famous last words at the end of the challenge being "I can’t remember the last 5 hours”.

It was a success raising a total of £472.50. It will be hard to top this legendary challenge, but we fully intend to do something like this next year (details of which will be announced of the coming months).


Elevation profile of Will's ride!

Great Manchester 10km Run

Some of our riders took off their cleats and joined in the ‘purple wave’, full of university students, staff and until recently Maggie’s supporters. With the recent rebranding of Maggie’s from purple to orange, part of our goal for the coming year is to change it to an orange wave instead!

The run is a rare opportunity to push yourself alongside people of all ages and backgrounds across the north west.  It is also one of the rare non-cycling related events that us cyclists look forward to each year.


Four of our riders (now runners) just before the Manchester 10km run.

We would like to thank homes4u for supporting us throughout the last few years, much of this would not be possible without them.

Ultimately, we would like to thank every club member who participated in our Maggie’s charity events this year and most importantly everyone at Maggie’s who puts the real hard work in.