Viewing property for rent our top tips on what to ask

We all know the process. You find a few properties that you like, you view said properties and choose the one that you like the most then move in. It is easy to get swept up by the surface aspects of a property during a viewing. You don’t want to be nosy and invade someone’s privacy, but being practical and asking questions will help you to make the most informed choice possible when it comes to the final decision.

Make sure that when you’re viewing a property you do a thorough inspection. Have a list of questions ready to ask so there are no surprises later down the line!

So what are the things you should be doing on a viewing and what are the questions you should be asking your agent? We have put together an invaluable viewings checklist to help you through the process:

  • From the outside, is the property being well maintained? Pay particular attention to the gutters, windows and roof.
  • Ask yourself how secure the neighbourhood feels, you can enter the postcode on check my street for more information.
  • How secure does the property look. Is there access from the rear? Is there a burglar alarm and security lighting?
  • What are the locks like? the crime prevention website gives a guide on Insurance Companies requirements.
  • Visit at different times of day. How loud or quiet is the area?
  • Find out where the nearest transport links are. Will it be an easy commute to the office or to university?
  • How close are the nearby shops? If you don’t have a car, it could be a long walk back with the shopping!
  • Is there any construction planned around the area which could add to noise or block out some of the natural light?
  • If it is a flat, does it have a private secure post box and car parking space?
  • How clean are the common areas and how often are they cleaned?
  • Inside the property, is there enough storage space?
  • How well insulated does the house look and how much on average are the bills every month?
  • How energy efficiency is the property? The landlord/agent should provide you with the properties EPC and you can download a copy from the EPC register
  • How much are the average running costs? Zoopla have created a handy running costs calculator to help guide you
  • How much is the council tax? Or you can check the council tax amount online
  • Are there up to date gas and electric safety tests?
  • Is it compliant with the latest government regulations?
  • What amount of the furnishings you can see are included in the rental of the property? Bear in mind that 42'' 3D TV could well belong to the current tenants and not be included.
  • Will the landlord be re-painting before the next tenant moves in?
  • Run the taps, bath and shower at the same time and flush the toilet. Do they all work? How is the temperature and pressure of the water? You don’t want to move in and discover you can’t have a decent shower!
  • Talk to the existing tenants if they are there during the viewing. Ask them how it has been to live there. What do they have to say about the landlord?

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