Visiting Arcade Club – Europe’s Largest Free Play Arcade

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Arcade Club for the very first time. It is a place I had wanted to visit for a couple of months but I never got round to it. With its 250+ collection, it is officially Europe’s largest free play arcade. If you love playing video games then I highly recommend you visit and here is why. 

Adults can pay £15 to enter the club and have access to its two floors: classical gaming and modern gaming, or you can pay £10 for just the classical gaming floor.

As you walk in past the bar the first thing you notice on the top floor is the back to back classic arcade machines (all of which are free-to-play). Galaga, WWF Wrestlefest, Tekken, Crazy Taxi you name it they more than likely house it. You really feel the nostalgia as other gamers crowd around your cabinet watching you play, it’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

If you are a little bit younger or just love the modern era of gaming then floor two has you covered. From high end pc’s to modern and retro consoles you will everything you need right here. The main draw for me was the Japanese imports that I noticed scattered around. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to play these games.

The whole experience was great fun and I will be going back when I have the time. A whole day just isn’t enough time to play everything there! Arcade Club is run extremely well by the owner Andy and his team. They really know how to cater to what gamers really want and take fantastic care of the machines on offer.

I really can’t praise this place enough. If you’re in the Bury area then I highly recommend you visit, you won’t regret it!