Ways to Save Money This Easter

Easter doesn’t have to break the bank. From last minute shopping to painting eggs on the cheep cheep! (get it? Okay…), Here are our top tips to saving money this Easter holiday!

Last minute shopping

If you’re not fussy about the specific type of eggs that you want, you can get your hands on some incredible deals. Most stores reduce any left over Easter eggs littering their seasonal isles so that they can make room for the new season. You can expect to see reductions of over 80% so it’s a fantastic time to save some extra money.

Bulk buy

If you’re planning on buying for a long list of people, then you can save yourself a small fortune by bulk purchasing. Many supermarkets will offer deals for when buying multiple eggs. Tesco and Morrison’s usually offer three large eggs for £10.

Host a potluck dinner party!

Hosting a dinner party can be a costly affair, but with a potluck dinner you would not have to spend a small fortune trying to feed everyone. Give all your family and friends a call in advance so you can note down what each guest is bringing. The holiday is all about sharing and this way, everyone can bring their share of the Easter dinner and save you money and time spent in the kitchen.

Paint eggs on the cheap

If you already have food colouring, water and vinegar lying around you can create your very own dye. This is a great way of saving money that otherwise may have gone on a store-bought dye kit.

Don’t spend more than you need

During the holidays it is easy to spend more than you can actually afford (believe me I know!). While it is tempting to buy a brand new outfit for the Easter weekend, do you really need it? Same goes for those decorations as well!

Easter egg hunt

What better way to spend Easter than with an Easter egg hunt! You can use chocolate eggs, real eggs or even plastic eggs for your hunt. Plastic eggs are great if you’re looking to save some extra money, just make to provide some prizes for the children.

You can also take a trip to many of the free Easter egg hunts on offer throughout the UK. A fantastic one to visit is the national trust Cadbury Easter egg hunt.

Bake your own simnel cake

Baking a traditional simnel cake is quick and easy and is cheaper than buying one from the store. Check out the video below on how to bake your very own ready for the Easter weekend.