What Cooking Do You Have Planned This May Bank Holiday?

Greater Manchester is looking to ditch the rain in favour of a sunny bank holiday Monday. It’s time to get the beers and lawn chairs out and ask the all important question “Fancy having a barbecue?”

It’s coming up to a bank holiday and that means tons of great food! So, do you get the coals out and start sizzling some steaks? Or do you go for the more tradition approach with a classic roast chicken? More often I find myself opting for the latter as any mention of dragging out the barbecue usually results in the weather taking a nasty turn – could I be cursed?

I’m sure you will agree that the realisation of work in the morning can get you down, so when it comes to desert there is nothing I like better than tucking in to a lovely cheesecake to pick up my spirits, call it simple but personally nothing comes close on a warm day for me.

Then we get to the drinks, I always find Strongbow dark fruits goes down a treat as it has a real summer vibe. I’ve been told by my friends that presentation is key to a good drink and always make sure there are Pimm's cup cocktails making their rounds. If you need some inspiration Mix that drink has some awesome ideas that you can try this bank holiday.

If you are after some fantastic bank holiday recipes then BBC good food has some ideas that you can try out.

So, I’m curious! What will you be cooking this bank holiday? Is there anything I should try? Then let me know and I hope you have a fantastic bank holiday weekend! :-)