So you have taken the plunge and decided to rent out your property. Whether it be yours or a partners former home, or if you bought for investment, being a landlord can be both rewarding but also a mine field. It can also be a time consuming task and with time being such a valuable commodity these days, having your property managed by a professional company can be the ideal option.

How do you start to look for an agent? There are many things to consider, going with the lowest price service could be tempting but with so many rules and regulations in the sector, if the service is not up to scratch it could cost you more money in the long term. Have a look at our infographic for some key areas to consider when looking for an agent.

At homes4u we have been providing quality landlord services since 1990 and have won several industry awards. If you have a property you are looking to rent, get in touch with your local branch or complete our online form for a call back.

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