What’s trendy for your home this winter?


As I’m writing this blog, I’m staring out of the window at the pouring rain and dark gloomy sky, with only one way to describe it… November in Manchester. Although the evenings get darker, the temperatures drop and the heavens seem to open every day, winter isn’t all so bad. It’s also the time for thick, snuggly blankets, roaring fires and festive decorations! Read on to find out all about what’s trendy for your home this winter.

I’ve already mentioned the idea of snuggly blankets to keep warm this winter, but in particular I’ve noticed people are loving giant knit blankets at the moment. These are super cosy to curl up with on a cold night; however they also look great as decorative throws on a bed or sofa. Anna Mo, also known as the knitting queen behind the Etsy shop ‘Ohhio’, is responsible for creating these blankets and has had people refer to them as the world’s cosiest blankets! These giant knit blankets have become so popular this year and are sure to make any room look cosy and welcoming this winter.

Grey is definitely the in colour at the moment. From walls painted in ‘elephants breath’ to gorgeous big grey sofas covered in a surplus of grey toned cushions, grey is definitely the way! The great thing about grey is that it’s complementary to pretty much any colour. Pair it with white to give an airy feel to lighten things up this winter or with darker greys, blacks and purples for a cosy atmosphere. Grey also currently seems to be a fashionable colour for kitchens too complimenting dark woods or black stainless steel (which has also been very popular recently) for a strong wintery look.

Getting up early in the mornings, whether it be for school, work, university etc., always seems to get a lot harder in the winter. The dark mornings make it feel as though it’s still 3am and you should not even be thinking about getting up yet. What makes it worse is how cold it is when you do finally make that huge step out of bed. Brrr! Under floor heating is become more and more popular and is an absolute life saver for these early morning ventures out of bed.

Formal dining rooms seem to be making a comeback at the moment. With quality time being an important role for families in this very digital age, dining rooms are the perfect way to bond over a lovely homemade feast! I’ve seen loads of dining room pictures on Instagram featuring big fabric armchairs, usually in cream or grey. I think these are gorgeous and give off a modern yet shabby/chic vibe. Dark wood tables are also very sought after for a homely dining room feel this winter and they compliment these types of fabric chairs very well.

Until recently, you’d only ever really see silver coloured kitchen appliances; but now it seems to be all about thinking outside the box a little and mixing things up in the saucepan department! I’ve noticed copper kitchen utensils have been in the limelight as of recent. From whisks to frying pans, you can now get pretty much all of it in copper. I love this idea as I think it adds a bit of colour to the kitchen and can be great for those people who display their utensils on hooks rather than shoving them into a drawer.

The ‘Relaxed Country’ look is one that seems to be becoming more and more prevalent. With rich colours and busy patterns, this classic rural style is slightly eccentric. This look contains a lot of layering which creates a warm, casual atmosphere. Another popular style at the moment is the ‘boutique hotel’ look. This is a little more luxurious and slick than the relaxed country look. It’s use of velvet, walnut and silk in statement pieces create a feeling of hotel glamour, along with midnight blues, coppers and sapphire. This style is perfect to follow for those after a sophisticated atmosphere this winter.

My final interior design favourite this winter is Tartan! Now this may seem garish at first sight but when put in the right places and used sparingly, this pattern can create the perfect winter vibe. From carpets or blankets to a statement armchair, this pattern can be so stylish when used in the right way. I recently saw a dark green/blue tartan carpet in an open plan living and dining area which was brilliant when paired with dark wood and cream sofas covered in an array of snuggly blankets for a real winter feel. On a plain canvas, for example a big white or grey sofa, red tartan blankets can add a little excitement; a great addition for creating a Christmassy feeling in your living room!

Over on our Pinterest, I have created a board for this blog, containing all these ideas and inspiration, but in a visual form. Go on over and take a look here; don’t forget to follow us for more interior inspiration!


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