Who remembers the Classic Nokia 3310?

With the recent reimagining of one of the most iconic and well loved phones of all time. I thought it would be a great opportunity to look back at my experience with the ‘classic’ 3310 and assess how it holds up today.

Typically you won’t find someone who doesn’t have a phone these days. I was walking down the street a few weeks ago when I saw a group of kids that looked to be around the age of six sat around with brand new IPhones. IPhones!? These kids should be walking around with 3310’s. You think I’m envious? Of course not, the 3310 is possibly the greatest phone to ever exist! I still have mine after all these years. Obviously it does not get used anymore, time has not been kind to the old timer, but it is always good to reminisce. Look back on the times spent playing snake and using my spends on screensavers of crazy frog. Oh those were the days.

Nothing describes the 3310 better than that it was an absolute tank. No matter what I seemed to do to it, it would almost laugh at my attempts to break it and simply brush them off. They built them better back in the day. Dubbed by many as an ‘indestructible’ piece of hardware; the 3310 was built to put quality front and centre. Even if by some horrible miracle I managed to break my phone, it was incredibly cheap to fix or replace.

One of the other things that phone was known for was its seemingly immortal battery life. As we know now it was because of its 84 x 48 monochrome display. By today’s standards that is laughably low-res but I can’t seem to help but miss that green glow it gave off along with its retro aesthetic. They were simpler times.

The old Nokia 3310 of course came with the well known game snake. I’m sure we can all admit to spending longer than we’d probably like trying to get a new high score. The phone often gets mistaken for having the original version of Snake, but it actually only came with the updated Snake II. This was the second generation of the popular mobile game which added more levels and even included bonus points if you could catch flies to further improve your score.

So how does the old Nokia stand up to today’s standards? Unfortunately, as much as it pains me to admit, not well. As soon as you take off those rose tinted glasses, you start to see the flaws that 17 years ago would have been perfection. First of all, actually finding a SIM card that works with this phone can be a nightmare, as most modern SIM cards are no longer supported. It also does not have a camera as it came out in the days before camera phones were a thing. There is no internet support through WI-FI which means even if it was possible to get onto social apps there would be no way to use them. The once slim build also looks bulky compared to today’s phones.

So now it comes to the re-release. What are some of the new features?

  • £35 Handset cost
  • 2.4-inch full colour display
  • 240 x 320 resolution
  • 2.5G Cellular Connectivity
  • Updated UI using Nokia Series 30+ operating system
  • 1,200mAh battery with 22 hours of talktime and 31 days of standby.

Simply out of pure nostalgia I will be purchasing for myself, as I’m sure you all will be too.