Information on the services we offer to students

Student Accommodation Manchester – At homes4u we have one of the largest selection of Student accommodation across Manchester. There really is something for everyone, if you are looking for modern student houses in Grove Village, close to the University, a bedsit in Didsbury, City Centre apartments or larger houses in the heart of Fallowfield and Withington.

Student Housing

Probably the most popular place to find student houses to rent are Fallowfield and Withington. Located to the South of the city centre on the main Wilmslow Road bus route, both have vibrant centres with a selection of places to eat and drink along with supermarkets and amenities. Houses available to rent in the area tend to be larger period properties but there are also a selection of flats and apartments.

Rusholme is home to Manchester’s famous ‘Curry Mile’ and student housing in the area is predominantly terraced houses.

Victoria Park is another popular place for student houses, being only a 10-15 minutes walk from the City Centre Campus’s. It is located on the city centre outskirts and like

Fallowfield and Withington student housing tends to be larger period properties but there are more modern houses and apartments/flats.

Grove Village is a relatively new area which is still under development. Properties in the area are new builds such as town houses and apartments. Again it is only a 10-15 minute walk from the City Centre campus.

Unihomes Utility Services

At homes4u we have partnered with Unihomes who provide bill sharing services and utilities to make it simpler for shared households and landlords to split the bills, leaving you more time to do the things you love. Unihomes provide simple monthly bills for gas, electricity, water, broadband and even your TV licence. If you want to know more, talk to one of our home advisors in branch.

See Unihomes – Utility Rate Card


Students may be required to pay retainers for the months of July and August. Retainer payments do not entitle you to live in the property. This must be agreed in advance with the Landlord, and may require full rent. Retainers ‘hold’ the property for you over the summer months before you move in. The property must be available for occupation (i.e. not a building site, or with another tenancy) in order for the landlord to charge retainers.

Private Student Halls

If you are moving to Manchester for the first time to study, halls can be a great way of experiencing University life, meeting new people and getting to know the City. Student Halls can also be a great way of focusing on your studies, whilst being close to the fun and amenities. With all the bills usually included in the rent, it can be an ideal solution for those wishing to carefully plan their budget. So as an alternative to traditional student housing, or a self-contained apartment, a room in private student halls is well worth considering. There are Private student halls available for rent in Manchester City Centre and South Manchester.

Student Flats and Apartments

Apartments for rent in Manchester City Centre are usually limited to studios, one or two bedrooms. It is possible to find three bedroom apartments but they are few and far between. Competition for Student apartments in Manchester City Centre is very competitive so we would recommend you start your search early.

Outside of the city centre there is a mix of flats and apartments available to rent for students. These comprise of modern apartments and conversions, where a large house has been re developed.

Privately rented apartments and flats are situated within developments where there is usually a mix of owner occupiers and those who are renting.

The search for student accommodation

It can be a daunting task looking for student accommodation, especially when you are new to the city. Many of our advisors have been students themselves or live in the area and so are best placed to help with your search for property to rent.

♥  Decide who you want to live with: Before you start looking at accommodation you need to know how many people are in your group.

♥  Agree your budget: Bear in mind unlike student halls in most student houses and apartments the bills will not be included in the rent, so you need to work out how much extra this will be.

♥  Pick an area(s): Do you want to be within walking distance of the city centre or would you like to be in the student heartland of South Manchester? If you are finding it difficult to decide, check out our online area guides or call in and chat with one of our advisors.

♥  Decide on your ‘must haves’: What are the key features of your perfect student accommodation? Does everyone want double bedrooms, do you want to be close to bus routes? Agree on these before you start looking for properties.

♥  Guarantors: Student tenants need a guarantor, this is someone who is a UK resident, usually a parent, who promises to meet the terms of the tenancy, such as paying rent if the tenant fails to. If you are unable to provide a UK guarantor you may be required to pay all, or some of the rent in advance. For further advice on guarantors visit our guarantors page or contact one of our advisors.

♥  Viewings: Shortlist the properties you are interested in viewing, we would recommend you choose a maximum of 5 at a time. If any of the properties you have chosen have been let in the meantime our advisors will be able to offer alternatives. During peak times our phone lines do get very busy, the quickest way to make appointments to view, then either visit one of our branches or apply online to make appointments to view. It’s best if as many people in the group view the accommodation, competition for student accommodation at busy times is really high and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.

♥  The next step: Once you have found your perfect student accommodation, everyone in the group will need to pay fees and holding deposits to secure the property. For more details on securing your perfect property to rent visit our rentals webpage.

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