Glossary of Terms

Agency Fee

The fee is payable to homes4u for matching you with a suitable property or landlord, it does not relate to the ongoing tenancy.


As there is often a gap of many months between students securing a property and actually moving in, many landlords take a Holding Deposit to secure their and your commitment to taking the property.

There should be a specific Holding Deposit Agreement in place, which clearly outlines under what circumstances the deposit is refundable, or not. Ideally, the money should be held by a third party. Once the tenancy commences, the deposit becomes a Tenancy Deposit, subject the regulations.


Students will need a UK based guarantor in employment to complete a ‘Guarantor Form’ They will need to provide a copy of their photo ID and proof of address A Guarantor is someone, usually a parent, who promises to meet the terms of the tenancy, such as paying rent. If you cannot provide a Guarantor, speak to a member of staff, you may still be able to take a room. Please note that Guarantor Applications are subject to approval, and checks into their position may be required at the discretion of the Landlord.

Guarantor Agreement terms are not open to negotiation.


If a property is ‘Managed’ by homes4u it means that the landlord has employed us to take care of the property and tenants for the duration of the tenancy. If you choose a homes4u Managed property you receive the benefit of;

♥  24 hour callout in the event of emergency repairs

♥  Speedy response to repair requests

♥  Reliable, efficient and established contractors

♥  Dedicated homes4u staff with specific responsibilities to ensure that your requirements are looked after quickly

♥  Locally based office with separate property management department

Living in a property managed by homes4u? Please check out our tenants information pages. Managed Tenants Section

Let Only

Unless homes4u manages the property on behalf of the owner, we are not party to the tenancy agreement, and do not have an ongoing relationship with the tenancy. ‘Let-Only’ Landlords employ our services to complete contract paperwork, and monies taken are paid over to them.

Tenancy Agreement

We usually use a standard assured shorthold agreement (AST). There are some circumstances when we can’t use an AST, for example when the tenancy is for less than six months, or the tenant is a company. In these cases, we use a Non-Housing Act Tenancy.


Retainer payments do not entitle you to live in the property during July & August. This must be agreed in advance with the Landlord, and may require full rent. Retainers ‘hold’ the property for you over the summer month’s before you move in. The property must be available for occupation (ie not a building site, or with another tenancy) in order for the landlord to charge retainers.

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