The Steve Diamond House Tour

The Steve Diamond House Tour

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of visiting the Head Coach of Sale Sharks, Steve Diamond’s lovely home to film an MTV cribs style video tour as part of our partnership with the rugby club. This is my brief account of our day.

The day started with an early half past seven start, coffees in hand. With google maps set up we were off on our way to meet Steve at his home. However, the satnav had other plans for us and with the introduction of the newly opened A556 we were suddenly sent into the wrong direction and put on a trip onto the m60 south towards Birmingham before making our way back around.

Finally, we arrived at Steve’s home and with smiles on their faces, Steve, his wife and his son Sam greeted us with an incredibly warm welcome, introducing us to their home allowing us to walk them through how the video tour would flow together.

Steve was easy to talk to and you could see that he was incredibly proud of the achievements he has had over the years, showing us his ‘toys’ that he has purchased in the form of motorcycles. He had such a beautiful Harley Davidson which I did not hesitate to take many pictures of.

Steve was a natural in front of the camera due to his experience in interviews and press conferences. Getting the shots we needed was a breeze, not requiring multiple takes. Most of our time was spent actually getting to know each other while sharing ‘witty banter’ in between.

During the filming I decided to split from the group to take some photographs of his lovely home that had been crafted by his own design. He has some huge bedrooms with en suites, a beautiful modern kitchen connecting to one of the properties THREE (yes three) living areas and much more. You could tell that every piece of furniture had been hand picked with a plan of design in mind, allowing a fantastic flow throughout the whole of the property.

As I returned we had completed our filming, going over the takes to make sure that we had everything we needed. After we were happy with the shots that had been filmed, we said our goodbyes to Steve and his family. Again with smiles on their faces they sent us on our way like old friends, prompting us to stay in touch and stay safe on our journey home.

Stay tuned for a full video tour coming shortly with a competition to boot, where you can win yourself a pair of Sharks game tickets!