What prospective tenants are looking for post-lockdown?

what are tenants looking

What prospective tenants are looking for post-lockdown?

As the residential market continues to evolve, as do the requirements of tenants. So what exactly do tenants look for when finding somewhere to live? This article will highlight five things renters look for when finding their next home.

1. Safety and Protection

Ask any tenant or homeowner – feeling safe where you live is a non-negotiable subject and this applies from the very start of the house hunting process. Landlords have a duty of care like never before. Operating a two stage house viewings process in line with Government and Industry guidance is one way to ensure the safety and protection of everyone involved. It will also demonstrate to potential tenants your commitment to working within the ever changing set of rules and regulations which govern the industry.  (remote viewings available with homes4u)

2. Clean and ‘Covid Secure’

In these, dare we say it, unprecedented times, the need for clean and hygienic spaces is at the fore of many renters’ minds. The age of Covid has created a need for landlords to show they can provide spaces that fit with government guidelines. One way landlords could show this is by funding additional cleaning for communal spaces in apartment blocks and shared accommodation. 

3. An easy point of contact

Tenants want to know you’re there for them when they need you.  It’s important to stand out as a credible landlord. If you’re serious about making a success of renting out your property, using a credible provider like homes4u to take care of your rental means both you and your tenant are in safe hands. Yes, there’s cost involved, but protecting both sides of the agreement could be one of the most important decisions you make as a landlord. 

4. Space, Storage, Style

No renter worth their salt will look twice at your property if the basics aren’t covered.

If it’s a property you already own, look at the rooms available and see if there are ways to accentuate the space. Maximise natural light, look at room layout and see where space can be saved.

Properties with storage are more likely to attract long-term renters. Whether it’s access to a shed, or adding Swedish furniture to an apartment, additional storage is key to letting any property quickly.

It goes without saying that a grimy place won’t appeal to anyone, so sprucing your property up will increase the desirability.  It doesn’t always need to be a total overhaul, a lick of paint and new fixtures can make all the difference.

5. Pet-friendly spaces

As tenants look to make their rental space a long term home, places that accommodate pets are high up on the wishlist for potential renters. Becoming pet-friendly is entirely your choice and its important to think of all of the pro’s and con’s for your property. It is important to bear in mind this is often a dealbreaker to potential tenants viewing your property.

With over 30 years of looking after tenants and landlords rest assured you’re in safe hands. Head over to our landlord services page to register your details and hear from a member of the team.