Why use a property management company?

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Why Should I Use a Property Management Company?

The benefits of using a letting agent for your rental property

Owning a rental property can prove to be the perfect investment and provide a good source of income. Landlords often decided to manage their property on their own and overlook the benefits of a property management specialist. Here’s 5 property management benefits and why you should consider using homes4u as your property management company.

1. Tenant Management

The big benefit of using a property management company is not having to deal directly with tenants. At homes4u, we care about both tenants and landlords and have over 30 years of experience keeping both parties happy and satisfied. 

Once we’ve signed up your new tenants, we become the main point of contact so you don’t have to worry about disputes or having to keep in touch with them. 

Getting up and running as a Landlord can be difficult,  especially making sure you’ve got everything in order. We can find the right tenants for you through our tenant screening, meaning you don’t have to worry about who is living in your property. By tenant screening all applicants, we can minimise the short-term lets, meaning your property is occupied for longer.  

Happy tenants make a happy landlord; we aim to keep the tenants as satisfied as possible to ensure they stay in your property for as long as they can.

2. Use our reputation and team of specialists

We’ve been around for a while now and people trust us. Our reputation puts us at the front of many tenants’ minds meaning your property will benefit from our established presence in Manchester. This way you’ll be able to avoid long void periods, minimising the length of time your property is empty. 

Our website is where a lot of people start their search. We’ll optimise your listing to make sure it can be found by the right people.

We know what we’re doing, our lettings team is skilled at writing ads to market your property to the right audience, showing your house off through high-quality photos and selling the dream during a house viewing. All this can be time-consuming and seem quite daunting if you haven’t done it in the past. 

We’ve managed properties for over 30 years and this has become second nature to us, giving you more time and freedom to focus on the things that got you interested in property in the first place.

Meet our Property Management team.

3. Paid on time

Keeping up with which tenants have paid and which haven’t can be a stressful task if you have multiple properties. As we’re the main point of contact for tenants, we communicate with them effectively to ensure they pay their rent on time and in full. You can also take advantage of our Rent Guarantee, in the unlikely event that your property is unable to be occupied, we have options to keep you covered to ensure you still received your monthly income.

4. Dedicated property managers

Using our property management company means you’ll have access to our dedicated property managers and they’ll be able to deal with problems as soon as they arise rather than discovering them during the next tenant change over.

Our online tool allows tenants to report any repairs that may need to take place at your rental property. We also have an out-of-hours emergency line in case the situation arises. 

Find out more about our property managers on our managed tenants page

5. Legislation and compliance

Another big benefit of using a property management company is being up-to-date with current legislation and laws. Our dedicated team have ARLA recognised qualifications and are part of the RoPA working group. They also undertake bespoke in-house training courses as well as being required to attend external training, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with us. 

If any legal issues or problems arise, our team is well versed and capable to deal with legal disputes and can explain any jargon you might not be familiar with.

We’re here to help

Managing a property should be fun and not a headache. The benefits of using us to manage your property can free up your time to do the things that got you interested in property investment in the first place. We have a range of options to help you, speak to a member of the team today, or head over to our Landlord Services page to register your details to be contacted.